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How we operate
The Europartner Group has two operating divisions (Corporate and Public Sector), specialising in services to companies and to local government bodies (Provincial and Municipal Councils, Mountain District Authorities and Local Action Groups) for the planning and sourcing of funds for their investments. Europartner operates mainly in Italy’s Lombardy region, where it is the market leader.
The "Corporate" division is tasked with sourcing new financing for corporate development projects, new business start-ups, outsourcing programmes and company reorganisations.  Europartner supports firms in defining the strategies to be adopted for accessing new capital, becoming a working partner by providing consulting and assistance in the management of targeted relations with financing institutions and banks.  In this area, Clients are mainly SMEs, but they also include large corporations and consortia. The Group has more than 3000 clients. It also serves non-profit organisations and associations, providing personal and environment protection services.
The “Public Sector" division assists local government bodies in their medium-term strategic planning, with reference above all to EU, national and regional planning tools established to provide resources for the development of the territories governed.
The method adopted by the Europartner Group can be summarised as follows:

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